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Autism ABA Therapy Programs that Support and Uplift Teens

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Equip Your Teen with the Skills to Succeed

At Camp Worth, our autism ABA therapy programs for adolescents and teens aged 11-17 teach the communication, social, and academic skills necessary for your child’s success. Our team of experienced professionals offers programs and services to build the self-esteem of the teens in our care. We also create a caring and nurturing environment where young people can feel comfortable and secure. If your teen may benefit from our autism ABA therapy programs, reach out to Camp Worth today by calling 855.958.2486 or completing our online contact form. Our specialized programs are specifically designed for young people with autism. Give your teen the confidence they need and deserve by contacting Camp Worth today.

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Autism ABA Therapy Programs that Support and Uplift Teens

Our Autism Treatment Programs

Our Camp Worth team uses a combination of autism treatment programs to help teens gain the skills they need. We educate teens about various communication methods, life skills, and emotion regulation.

Applied Behavior Analysis Program

The ABA therapy program at Camp Worth is designed to help children and teens with autism learn important skills and how to lessen problematic behaviors, such as acting out or self-harm. There are several forms of ABA therapy, but all focus on the principle that reinforcing positive behaviors will lead to the repetition of those positive behaviors.

Education Program

The education program at Camp Worth provides educational support for teens that may not perform well in a traditional classroom environment. Our team will teach your child organization skills, planning, time management, and many other skills that help them academically. We believe that enthusiasm is contagious, so we ensure that we celebrate each and every goal they accomplish.

Autism Parent Support Program

Our Camp Worth team believes that parent and family support is crucial to the success of teens with autism. Through our autism parent support program, we teach parents and families the best methods and strategies to help their teens with autism thrive. When the entire family is on the same page, there is a greater chance for teens to feel secure and supported.

Food and Nutrition Program

Although often overlooked, nutrition education can be an effective tool for autism treatment. Many children and teens with autism have a limited diet, as they may refuse to eat anything other than a few of their favorite foods. In our food and nutrition program, we help teens and their families learn about a healthy diet of food that actually tastes good, too.


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Autism ABA Therapy Programs that Support and Uplift Teens

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