At Camp Worth, we have found that one of the most effective ways to guide children with autism spectrum disorder is through combining counseling & behavioral analysis. Housed at our counseling & behavioral analysis center in Ft. Worth, TX, this program is founded on a clinician-led and varied treatment approach, designed specifically with the needs of children with ASD in mind. Counseling & behavioral analysis focuses on the area with which children with ASD need the most help: social interaction. In the Camp Worth counseling & behavioral analysis program in particular, we tailor the program to suit your child’s needs. If you feel that ABA might be right for your child, it is worth exploring our counseling & behavioral analysis program in more detail.

What Is a Counseling & Behavior Analysis Program?

young woman staring into distance before applied behavior analysis program at applied behavior analysis center Fort Worth TX

Counseling & behavioral analysis involves the application of the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy and behavioral psychology. The goal of this approach is very specific: to give children on the autism spectrum the opportunity to improve their communication skills and ability to interact socially. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and behavioral psychology are clinical, research-based modalities. In this sense, one of the main aims is to help autistic children with the “generalization” of their skills. This term refers to helping them transfer these skills to situations outside of therapy. Cases like the ones we cover in the counseling & behavioral program arise in school, at home, and in public. And through this program, children are given the tools to thrive in everyday life.

At our counseling & behavioral analysis center in Ft. Worth, TX, we focus on teaching coping skills to help with behaviors common to those on the autism spectrum. More specifically, cognitive-behavioral therapy and behavioral psychology focus on identifying maladaptive and dangerous behaviors and the purpose those behaviors serve for a child and developing interventions to teach replacement skills and improved behavioral regulation. Children who regularly exhibit disruptive behaviors or have tantrums can learn strategies for sitting quietly. Counseling and behavior analysis has also been known to help with negative behaviors like self-harm, which is all too common in children with ASD.

What to Expect in a Counseling & Behavior Analysis Program

At Camp Worth, we tend to begin treatment with a formal assessment followed by simple observation. Our team of therapists is constantly observing the child’s behaviors amongst their social group. We do this in large part by determining the function of or reason behind behaviors that will not serve the child’s long-term needs. We then use these observations to design a treatment plan that suits your child’s individual needs and use the plan to then guide treatment. The goals of the interventions are not only to improve behavior but also to enhance the overall quality of life for children and families.

In terms of our specific approach, we use a multivariate approach designed to allow your child to learn at their own developmental level. Because our counseling & behavioral analysis program reinforces positive behavior by rewarding it, play is an ideal learning activity. As part of our program, your child will:

  • Learn new social skills
  • Develop tools for communicating ideas and emotions effectively
  • Work on motor skills
  • Learn how to identify and avoid negative behavior

Also, children are not the only ones who learn. As a parent in our program, you will also learn to identify and mitigate negative behaviors. One of the critical tenets of our counseling and behavior analysis program is that everything learned in our facility must be reinforced at home. This is why therapists make a point of connecting with parents as to their child’s progress and helping to implement these same structures and behaviors at home or school.

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At our counseling & behavioral analysis center in Ft. Worth, TX, our counseling and behavior specialists can help your child improve social skills, communication, and a range of adaptive behaviors. We know that every child is unique. And this is why we make a point of modifying our approach based on each child’s personality and behaviors.

If you would like to learn more about our counseling and behavior analysis program, or our other approaches to autism spectrum disorder in general, don’t hesitate. The compassionate, licensed staff at Camp Worth is waiting to hear from you. Reach out to us today via a secure online form, or call at 855.915.2545. We’re here to help.

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