children showing anger rumination with asd

What Is Anger Rumination for Children With ASD?

Anger rumination and ASD tend to correlate frequently. In fact, children with autism have a higher chance of anger rumination than their peers without ASD. For parents who have children with anger issues, the sudden outbursts can feel unpredictable and disconcerting. Getting help for your child and yourself can make dealing with anger rumination easier…

mom showing how to create a child's daily schedule during pandemic

3 Ways To Create Your Child’s Daily Schedule During Coronavirus

Why is it important to maintain your child’s daily schedule during pandemic conditions? The pandemic has made it difficult for all parents and children to live the stable, routine life they know and have grown accustomed to. For many people with autism, routines are vitally important. That’s why it is crucial for you to stick…

child with sensory processing issues

Can My Child’s Sensory Processing Issues Improve?

Sensory processing issues are common in individuals with autism. Sensory processing education in TX indicates that there are two extremes to these disorders. The majority of individuals who have sensory processing issues are overstimulated by touch, taste, sound, and light. These individuals will often avoid wearing certain clothing, avoid foods with odd textures or smells,…