child with sensory processing issues

Can My Child’s Sensory Processing Issues Improve?

Sensory processing issues are common in individuals with autism. Sensory processing education in TX indicates that there are two extremes to these disorders. The majority of individuals who have sensory processing issues are overstimulated by touch, taste, sound, and light. These individuals will often avoid wearing certain clothing, avoid foods with odd textures or smells,…

child thinking about autism and coronavirus

How To Talk To Your Child With Autism About Coronavirus

The coronavirus has turned our world upside down. Adults are staying home from work, everyone is walking around with masks on, worry about finances has many adults scared, and schools are closed in many places. You know how frightening and confusing this time is. Imagine being a child, especially one with autism, and coronavirus discussions…

child at an autism education program

How Our Education Program Works

Children with autism often find the educational setting frustrating at best. Things like sensory issues, susceptibility to distractions, and communication issues can make learning difficult for students and frustrating for teachers. Many teachers don’t have the training to address the unique needs of autistic students. At Camp Worth, we employ registered behavioral technicians who are able…