autism skill building activites

Incorporating Skill-Building Activities into Daily Life

If you are looking for assistance with autism education, you have probably heard that skill-building activities are an important aspect of an educational plan. There will be many special challenges that children with autism are going to face that might not impact children who have not been diagnosed with autism. On the other hand, there…

control during the pandemic in fort worth, texas

Managing What We Can and Can’t Control During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. If you are feeling the sting, then understand that you are not alone. Control during a pandemic is one of the major issues that many families are facing, and when it comes to autism and coronavirus, some of the problems may be magnified. Autism treatment during a pandemic can…

literacy for children with autism in fort worth

Literacy and Other Skills for Children with ASD

If you are trying to help a child with autism, you understand that there are many challenges that are going to arise. One of the challenges involves learning activities for children with autism, particularly learning how to read. Literacy for children with autism is a foundational part of every educational program. The educational programs at…