a parent helps their child with autism amid social distancing

How to Help a Child with Autism Amid Social Distancing

When it comes to social distancing, many parents recognize the benefits of keeping their children with autism protected from coronavirus. That often means pulling them out of educational programs and in-person therapy sessions. It was a difficu thing to do, but it seemed essential. While social distancing is still important, it is still possible to…

people gather around for an autism parenting support groups

What You Need to Know About Autism Parenting Support Groups

Information is easily obtained today for parents who have children with autism. However, that does not mean all of the information out there is accurate or even applies to your child. A valuable resource can be autism parenting support groups, which may provide the information and insight you need. Yet, that’s not the only support…

a child can qualify for ssi for autism

How Your Child with Autism Can Qualify for Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration provides access to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for children who are under the age of eighteen and who meet specific requirements. It is important for parents of a child with autism to consider working with their local Social Security Administration office to ensure the child’s benefits are set up. Numerous steps…

someone practices their art to help with autism

How Art Can Help Your Child with Autism

Communication and expression of emotions are typical parts of life. However, for people with autism, it may be more difficult because of difficulties with communication in some form. Art and autism can sometimes provide a positive outlet for communication. Also, some children may find true improvement in their quality of life and expression through art.…

a woman is happy to be supporting autism

How You Can Support Autism Treatment Programs

When a family learns that their child has autism, it can feel like a lonely and difficult road ahead. The family may question what happened or if they did something wrong. Yet, supporting children with autism in your family means embracing what’s occurring and finding the resources you need for you and your child to…