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Camp Worth provides a place for teen boys and girls to cope with daily stressors and focus on improving functional communication, life skills, and problematic behaviors. Learn more about Camp Worth, where initially aggressive and frustrated teens with autism spectrum disorder find the personalized care they need through residential treatment and therapy programs.

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About Camp Worth

Children without communication and other life skills may begin to express their frustrations at home and school. But the specialized programs in Fort Worth, Texas can break through barriers in those with a formal ASD diagnosis.

A home away from home, Camp Worth offers support for families struggling with a child experiencing autism spectrum disorder. Adolescents ages 11-17 find a warm, caring, and family-like environment. This nurturing environment not only helps teens with ASD but educates parents and other family members as well. Our ASD treatment center works with every part of a child’s life so they can start living their best lives.

Find new opportunities for your child with the following autism spectrum disorder treatment programs:

  • Residential teen boy’s autism treatment center
  • Residential teen girl’s autism treatment center
  • Required parent training
  • Targeted behavioral intervention
  • Data-driven behavior

The autism spectrum disorder treatment center in Texas is a full-service program with access to board-certified behavior technicians and behavioral therapists. The ability to narrow down diagnoses in a high-level care program makes a positive impact on our children.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment Programs

Camp Worth helps teens after their initial diagnosis. Our goal is to be a resource for your child’s severe or debilitating problem behavior.

A combination of treatment programs teaches our loved ones different ways to communicate, life skills to function independently, and ways to process emotions. The skills learned during the following programs prepare a higher level of independence when returning home:

Individualized treatment plans may also include:

  • Daily physical exercise and activity
  • Functional communication training
  • Recreational therapy
  • Medication management
  • Individual therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Social skills groups
  • Functional skills training

Find Out What’s Best About Camp Worth

Our certified behavioral therapists touch the hearts of teens with an autism spectrum disorder to give them independence. Scientifically-validated treatment, one-on-one social skills training, and individualized treatment plans make further development possible. Contact us by calling 855.915.2545 to help your child grow with our residential treatment programs.

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